Monday, June 14, 2010

San Francisco Ovation Music Concert 2010, September 2010

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  1. The concert on 9-4-2010 was good, but for lack of proper supervising it ended badly at the end. We Burmese community party promoters should have a skilled well organized person who really knows music on-stage and off-stage coordination person runs a show. Not just only some people do the show and let things just take its course. It was badly ended with the singer half-naked kneeling down-while still halfway performing and came to a total stop and shocked!. Can you believe it? Then that was when the show ended. Hi all wannabe show promoters: If you guys dont have gut to get to the stage to interact or connect with audience, this is not a job you should have or do. If you still want to do a show get someone who knows how to talk to audience. Thanks.