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Burmese communities abroad are growing bigger and bigger around the world.

Maung Yekhaung (Silicon Valley) and Burmese Youth Association (BYA) founded this site to record all the Burmese community activities mainly in the San Francisco Bay Area and other regions so that people can easily be informed what kinds of events and activities are coming up in the community.

If you have any suggestion, question, information or event flyer to be posted, please email to admin@burmeseyouthassociation.org or please call (415) 577 6505.

ေက်းဇူးတင္ပါသည္။ (Thanks!)

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  1. Dear Community,
    I have recently ordained in Myanmar as a Sayalay and returned briefly to California to wrap up my life so that I can return to Myanmar to live and practice in a monastery. I am seeking some sponsorship for an airplane ticket back. Once there, the monastery will support my further needs. I am seeking your support so that I can devote my life to the practice and work toward peace and more lovingkindness in the world. Also, if you have anyone who needs Metta prayers please let me know, I will include them in my meditation. Thank you so kindly. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu. Sayalay Sukha
    I can be reached at sarahlovewilds@yahoo.com