Friday, December 21, 2012

San Francisco 2013 New Year Concert, Daly City, Jan 19, 2013


  1. This message is asking the support from Burmese Community in signing the petition to preserve The sacred Lumbini,Buddha Birth Place.
    Please check it out at : www. for further info about petition.

    There is current effort to translate the English Petition to Burmese as the Venerable Dhammasami's message to Dr. Tin Tin Lay of Yagoon Univeristy and International Theravada Buddhist Missionary Univeristy as follow: "
    Dear Dr. Tin Tin Lay,

    Can you or some one at ITBMU translate this website or appeal letter into Burmese so that many Burmese Buddhists become aware of this serious problem and sign the petition? ITBMU should play a part in this important campaign." Vivekanada.

  2. We are interested to hear more about that.
    Please email to for more information. We will try to help.