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2014 SF Bay Area Community Thingyan 6th Town Hall Meeting Invitation

Maga Lulin Mettananda Monastery 31st Collected Swun Dana Invitation

2014 SF Bay Area Community Thingyan 5th Town Hall Meeting Invitation

Maga Lulin Mudita Monastery Collected Swun Dana Invitation

SF Bay Area 2014 Burmese Community Thingyan 3rd Meeting Invitation

We Love Rose - San Francisco Anyeint will be coming soon!

San Francisco Burmese Monastery Monthly Donation

Chan Thar Gyi Rice Donation Festival - Mandalay

Lumbini is in Danger! 

• This World Peace City for 200,000 inhabitants will be built inside the Lumbini's Buffer Zone.

• This agreement has been signed without informing UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre.
• Lumbini will be affected by increased air pollution, water pollution, and noise pollution.
• The loss of twenty-two square miles of a restricted and agricultural buffer zone, with human encroachment and the impact of urbanization on the ecosystem.

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  1. Caregiver for Senior - Speak Burmese (lafayette / orinda / moraga)
    compensation: $13 per hour
    We have an opening for a caregiver who speaks Burmese for a woman who lives in Orinda. If interested the pay is $13 per hour. Please call if you are interested or know of somebody who would like this job.
    Senior Helpers of Moraga 925-376-9900.

  2. Dear Community,
    I have recently ordained in Myanmar as Sayalay and returned to the United States to close up my life here and go back to Myanmar to live and practice in a monastery. I am seeking some sponsorship to be able to return to Myanmar. Once back in the monastery, I will be supported but right now I am seeking just what it takes for a plane ticket back. All of your help would be so appreciated and I will also be happy to send Metta in my meditations to whomever needs it. Sincerly, Sayalay Sukha. I can be reached at

  3. Dear Community,
    We are currently looking for Burmese Cooks. If interested please click on the link below: